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Radio 4EB is excited to finally announce the official launch of Music Masala, a Spicy Blend of Music and Life! With the support of Brisbane City Council and the Community Broadcasting Foundation, Music Masala presents not just the music, but the lives and passions of South East Queensland’s culturally diverse artists. We will be showcasing this series in the upcoming weeks on 98.1FM and Global. You can catch it weekdays on FM at 5AM and again at 1PM, as well as Midday on Global. If you miss the program, you can always listen again via On Demand @ of the music that was recorded for Music Masala is available via Amrap, you can listen here –…/4eb-records-music-masala-volume-3To kick off our showcase we’ll be featuring the first track on the compilation ‘Kurangarira’ by Mahaba all next week. Mahaba which means love is a newly formed band by multi-instrumentalist Philadelphia Murefu. In their first collaboration with vocalist Beulah Quaynor, their music connected with their African heritage from Zimbabwe and Ghana presenting rich African musical culture in a contemporary context. Written by Jason Vanherp, Kurangarira has a unique, captivating and uplifting groove that one cannot help but make a move no matter how small. The tune is a blend of vocals, contemporary instruments such as synths, live acoustic drums and traditional instruments, Marimba, Hosho (Shaker) and Ngoma (Congas). Kurangarira means commemoration – a ceremony or celebration of a person or event. In Africa it is a song for post rainy season when people are celebrating their crops to flourish. In Australia it’s just about being grateful as we come out of the winter hibernation and celebrate life.With the launch of Music Masala, Radio 4EB is proud to be Sharing the World with You!

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