We aim to provide the community in Australia with services that enable us to develop and grow projects that underpin our focus on empowering and educating young girls in Africa, and in so doing, help their families and communities to be proactive and sustainable. Our focus will be on projects in these areas.


Imani Republic will help to provide access to water and building facilities such as toilets in poor areas, so children don’t have to go into the bush, where they could face dangers such as abduction or even dangerous or stray animals.

Many adolescent girls are not prepared for their periods and have no idea what to do, so they stay at home from school. They have little access to basics like sanitary towels or tampons, or even soap and water. In fact, some have been forced to have sex in order to buy sanitary products. They lack the most basic facilities to change, clean or even dispose of sanitary products.

Imani Republic will help to provide sanitary care to enable girls to continue their schooling and educate both boys and girls on the importance of good hygiene.


Education is one of the most powerful weapons we have to fight poverty. But when a country lacks a substantial educational infrastructure, it can face unique problems like rural access, gender inequalities, child labour and more. These problems require unique solutions and Imani Republic is working to provide such solutions to bridge the education gap.

Disadvantaged children or orphans currently have little or no access to quality education. We’ll sponsor some of these children, who will be screened by local pastors to ensure that there is a balance, and that our focus is on the most-needy.

To provide teachers for the increased number of children going to school, we’ll train teachers – or we’ll offer some tertiary education so that communities can have more teachers available.

We aim to build classrooms and a library stocked with books. And we aim to supply basic equipment such as desks, chairs and sports gear to make these facilities functional. Sex education classes will be part of the curriculum. Without full understanding, children could make decisions that could negatively affect them forever, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Knowledge gained through sex education can empower them to make the right choices and provide them with a strong foundation for their future.


Health clinics play a vital role in the health of communities, where infectious diseases are responsible for almost 70% of deaths. Vaccines are needed to make a real difference. And the provision of good general health care is required to ensure that members of communities are not disadvantaged.

Imani Republic will work with volunteer doctors and nurses to operate a 6-week mobile clinic that will be used for immunisations, and also a GP clinic. In addition, we’ll educate and help local medical staff manage current chronic disease and equip them with basic medical supplies.


We believe in the saying “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” So, we’ll provide families with equipment such as hoes, axes and shovels and, most importantly, a range of good seeds to plant. We’ll educate them about the use of recycling and how compost manure will aid chemical-free farming. These communities will be able to not only grow their own food, helping to end malnutrition, but to sell any excess to help them become financially independent.

Agriculture also creates employment at the grassroots level, generating an income and building trust among the members of these communities. The result is a happier, healthier, stronger and stable community that can sustain its people, who can rely on each other for manpower and resources.


Women in lower Socio-economic groups are victims of not only physical abuse, but financial abuse. Domestic violence is so widespread that it is called the Silent Killer. Most women, for example, in rural parts of Africa, are financially crippled after marriage, unable to contribute in any way but in the kitchen and the bedroom. They are told, like children are, that they are meant to be seen and not heard.

But if a woman’s husband becomes ill and loses his job, or worse still, if he dies, the whole family will be in dire straits. The children will drop out of school, and poverty will envelop the family like a bottomless pit of despair.

Educating women to work together on projects that will earn money for all will give them a much-needed measure of financial security.

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